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THE GREEN EXPO® is Latin America’s premier event for cutting-edge, sustainable solutions and technologies in an ever-increasing number of markets.

As society becomes more aware of the serious and negative impact on growth and economic development, environmental solutions are more important than ever. The Stern Report estimates that the consequences of not taking immediate action against the risks of climate change would amount to the loss of at least 5 % of annual global GDP, now and forever. If one takes into account a greater diversity of risks and impacts, the estimated damages could reach 20% of GDP or even higher.

The need for sustainability is growing. showcase your sustainable solutions to succeed in the circular economy!

The taking of prompt and energetic measures is clearly justified and is of immediate concern as investments made in the next 10 to 20 years will have a profound effect on the climate and on our economic and social activities.

The concept of a circular economy is a system of resource utilization in which the reduction, reuse and recycling of elements is priority.This concept offers an attractive and viable alternative that many companies and organizations around the world are beginning to explore. With this in mind, THE GREEN EXPO® continues to unite industries interested in economically sustainable development through a Circular Economy with Zero Waste, extending the current framework of knowledge and business exchange.

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