Exhibitor Profile

If your company provides solutions, products and new sustainable technology in:
• Energy saving
• Biofuels
• Biodiesel
• Biogas
• Biomass
• Biotechnology
• Related to the environment
• Certifiers
• Cogeneration
• Air compressors
• Sustainable construction
• Noise and insulation control
• Acoustics
• Geothermal energy

• Photovoltaic energy
• Garbage recycling, compaction
and crushing equipment
• Integral waste management industrials
• Methanogens
• Monitoring, analysis and measurement
• Water treatment plants
• CDM projects
• Air purification
• Soil remediation
• Remediation and maintenance drainage
• Transformers and electrical substations
...among many others

More and more companies and industries are joining this transition, seeking to invest in processes, technology, machinery and sustainable solutions!

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